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Pleinair painting in Tuscany 2011


About Colleen Galloway

  Colleen lives and works in Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, with frequent forays to Provence, France, as well as other European destinations.


  Born and raised on the prairies of Manitoba, she graduated from the University of Winnipeg before moving to Toronto to pursue a long and successful career in the public service. She also completed graduate studies at the University of Toronto.


  Although sparks of artistic flare were evident from an early age, it was not until she took early retirement that she decided to pursue her passion in earnest. She is considered a self-taught artist, but she did study photography, drawing and watercolour painting for several years in Toronto before moving to Nova Scotia.


  The vast expanse of the ocean closely resembled the big sky of the prairies, and the Nova Scotia “light” was reminiscent of the “light” in Provence, France, so Nova Scotia was the perfect place for this artist to settle.


  Since arriving on the East Coast, Colleen has expanded the mediums she works with to include acrylics, ink, and oils. She has also taken workshops from professional artists such as Cluny Maher, Charles Gruppe, Mike Svob, Brian Atyeo, David Lussier, Jeff Weaver, and others. Her work has appeared in the Teichert Gallery (AGNS), Lunenburg Art Gallery, Black Duck Gallery, Cheese Cake Gallery and Swoon Gallery. She is a founding artist of Quartet Gallery in Lunenburg and her art can be found in private collections around the world.


Currently, Colleen’s art can be seen at :


      The Quartet Gallery – Lunenburg, NS


      Lunenburg Art Gallery - Lunenburg, N.S.


      Teichert Gallery – AGNS, Halifax


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